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JohnOh! How I enjoyed Karl Malden's movies & Seinfeld episodes...8 years 24 weeks ago
JohnMichael is the king8 years 24 weeks ago
John (not verified)Michael is the king8 years 24 weeks ago
tiggieMichael Jackson was an amazing performer - he was cleared of any crime - mud throwing should stop - CELEBRATE HIS LIFE & TALENT!8 years 24 weeks ago
John (not verified)NBC news is busy reporting Billy, Michael, Gale, Fred.. very depressing...8 years 24 weeks ago
JohnFred Travelena page coming up.. thank you8 years 24 weeks ago
MHLaurieRIP Fred Travelena8 years 24 weeks ago
ReillyRIP Billy Mays8 years 24 weeks ago
ReillyRIP michael and Farrah8 years 24 weeks ago
JohnI cried yesterday for MJ. I woke up today to find Billy Mays is gone. I never liked him, but I like him now. RIP8 years 24 weeks ago
KiLLeROH NO, Billy Mays died today in his sleep, unknown how he died though8 years 24 weeks ago
StellaRIP Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, and Billy Mays. Everyone will miss you all.8 years 24 weeks ago
tropmichael, may the peace of our Lord be in you now as you become the brightest star in the sky8 years 25 weeks ago
tropfarrah, now charlie's angel is one of God's angels8 years 25 weeks ago
JohnRIP Michael Jackson, we love you.8 years 25 weeks ago