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JohnNice to hear from you again Cindy.7 years 29 weeks ago
cindy PaekarekSorry I have been gone for so long I lost your site thank God I am back missed you all dearly cindy7 years 29 weeks ago
Hikaru D.I'm appaled to find nothing here on Peter Steele of Type O Negative...7 years 29 weeks ago
blondeasaurusOn the 19th- The witer for Whos the Boss died, his name was Martin Cohan.7 years 30 weeks ago
1metalfanRonnie James Dio is dead7 years 30 weeks ago
JohnI was out for the weekend. I have several items to catch up. Coming up... Thank you.7 years 32 weeks ago
JohnHello Eric. Hope you're enjoying the day.7 years 39 weeks ago
Eric OzHello everyone7 years 39 weeks ago
John (not verified)I didn't know Nan Martin B4. Not only she's funny, she was an old timer in Hollywood (movies & stuff). Thanks.7 years 40 weeks ago
JohnFinally caught up with Nan Martin :)7 years 40 weeks ago
JohnOh~~ Thank you, itruss.7 years 40 weeks ago
itsrussHi John-Just wanted to let you know that NAN MARTIN has passed.She played MrsLouder on the Drew Carey Show.A very funny actress.7 years 41 weeks ago
JohnWow, good info. Thank you. You know which episodes? I watch columbo all the time. Watched 3 episodes this wknd. God bless.7 years 44 weeks ago
Your Name/tabParnell Roberts is my LONG distant cousin and he did play in 2 episodes of colunbo7 years 45 weeks ago
JohnI don't know about Pernell in Columbo. Thank you for Hopper update. I didn't years 46 weeks ago
itsrussI am hearing rumors that Dennis Hopper is very ill.7 years 46 weeks ago
itsrussHi John - Wasn't Pernell Roberts also in an episode of Columbo in the 70's?7 years 46 weeks ago
JohnI have every single episode of Columbo. Not the new ones, but classic ones.7 years 51 weeks ago
itsrussJohn - U R very good at Columbo trivia. Another recent death G. Barry played in the Pilot episode for Columbo.7 years 51 weeks ago
itsrussCorrect - P. Bruns owned one of the gyms. R Conrad owned the franchise name - Milo Janis Health Spas.7 years 51 weeks ago
JohnI believe Philip Bruns was the gym owner. :)7 years 51 weeks ago
itsrussHi John. My 2 fave COLUMBO episodes are A FRIEND IN DEED with Val Avery and the one with RobertConrad as the Gym Franchise Owner7 years 51 weeks ago
JohnThank you, Val Avery is listed. I LOVE that guy. I have every single episode of Columbo.7 years 52 weeks ago
itsrussVAL AVERY has passed. He played so many great tough guy/gangster roles. Was in many COLUMBO episodes as the bad guy.RIP7 years 52 weeks ago
JohnThank you liestrue - I will get to them8 years 3 days ago
LiestrueI forgot to mention, I love this site, well done!8 years 5 days ago
LiestrueYou might have missed a few celebs... Recently passed are Virginia Davis (8/15), Gene Barry (12/11 Bat Masterson).8 years 5 days ago
JohnThank you itsruss - Carl Ballantine is listed8 years 4 weeks ago
itsrussCondoleneces to the family of the great Carl Ballantine (McHales Navy & countless comedies)8 years 4 weeks ago
JohnThank you hipster.8 years 4 weeks ago
hipsterKen Ober from MTV's "Remote Control" passed away this weekend.8 years 4 weeks ago
JohnSorry, I was out of town (Country) for 5 days. Coming up..8 years 12 weeks ago
itsrussWhy isn't Henry "Laugh-In" Gibson mentioned? Also, "Celebs Over 90+" column needs updating. Remove Walter Cronkite.8 years 12 weeks ago
lljonsonwhere are Paul Burke and Henry Gibson?8 years 12 weeks ago
JohnYo quiero hollywoodmemoir.com8 years 21 weeks ago
ReillySending condolences to the family of Walter Cronkite may he rest in peace8 years 21 weeks ago
NewOrleansbaby73My heart and my soul and Prayers to all that have died...8 years 22 weeks ago
ReillyI agree it was both sad and entertaining, but I think it was very well done8 years 22 weeks ago
JohnIt was strange. Because it was a funeral (sad). But it was a good show as well (entertaining).8 years 23 weeks ago
Reillyyes I watched michael Jacksons memorial it was very well done and very sad8 years 23 weeks ago
Your Name/WarcoWow, the entire day worldwide was in tribute to Michael Jackson. Most of the European countries including Russia and Japan ceased working for the 3 hour memorial this afternoon. I caught the last hour of it and the coverage in the evening, and it was real8 years 23 weeks ago
JohnHello Reilly, Did you watch Michael's memorial service? It was sad. :(8 years 23 weeks ago
John (not verified)Hello Reilly. Did you watch Michael's memorial service? Sad... :(8 years 23 weeks ago
Reillyhello everyone, Im new here too. saying hi from Ireland8 years 23 weeks ago
JohnRIP Michael Jackson8 years 23 weeks ago
JohnHello Josh, nice knowing you. :)8 years 23 weeks ago
JoshPerryHey I'm new here just wanted to introduce my self8 years 23 weeks ago
WoopiEd McMahon’s funeral was held on Sunday in Los Angeles, according to Access Hollywood. Around 200 guests attended8 years 24 weeks ago
John (not verified)Ed is now God's side kick8 years 24 weeks ago
Woopi (not verified)Ed McMahon’s funeral was held on Sunday in Los Angeles, according to Access Hollywood. Around 200 guests attended.8 years 24 weeks ago