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itsrussHi John - Well, as 2011 closes, we lost a lot of good folks yet again. Wishing you the very best in 2012.5 years 51 weeks ago
johnOh yeah, Luke Basket punches Johnny Cash on his butt. :) love that episode6 years 1 week ago
mrsungodColumbo (TV series) Luke Basket – Swan Song (1974) … Luke Basket6 years 1 week ago
johnBill McKinney was on Columbo? Which episode???6 years 2 weeks ago
mrsungodYeah, my shouts work again...!6 years 2 weeks ago
mrsungodJudy Lewis, the secret daughter of screen stars Clark Gable and Loretta Young, has died at 76.6 years 2 weeks ago
mrsungodLana Peters; Stalin's only daughter dies at 856 years 2 weeks ago
johnOh my God. Thank you for letting me know6 years 3 weeks ago
itsrussHi John - Did you see the recent pic of Robin Gibb from the Bee Gees?? He looks aweful and may be dying from cancer. I couldn't believe the pic I saw yesterday.6 years 3 weeks ago
mrsungodDan Wheldon, Indy 500 champion, dies after crash 336 years 9 weeks ago
JohnThank you Troy. I remember him from 2 episodes of Twilight Zone. mm..6 years 14 weeks ago
TroyActor Cliff Robertson dies at 886 years 14 weeks ago
EricOzspecial thoughts to everyone in the USA ,on this sad anniversary x love and kindness to you all x6 years 14 weeks ago
JohnThank you, all updated :)6 years 15 weeks ago
TroyCincinatti Bengal running back Cedric Benson sentenced to 20 days in jail6 years 15 weeks ago
JohnThank you Troy (Oh my God... )6 years 16 weeks ago
TroyFormer Cy Young award winner Mike Flanagan died of a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head, the Maryland medical examiner rul6 years 16 weeks ago
TroyMike Flanagan, a former Cy Young winner and part of the Baltimore Orioles’ 1983 World Series championship team, has died. He was6 years 16 weeks ago
JohnThank you Troy6 years 17 weeks ago
TroyAuthorities say the badly burned body of a fledgling New York City rapper who performed under the name Kampane has 6 years 17 weeks ago
TroyEagles Hall of Fame receiver Pete Pihos dies at 87 6 years 17 weeks ago
TroyOldest survivor of Bataan Death March dies at 105, Albert Brown6 years 17 weeks ago
TroyAnother hockey player gone too soon: Rick Rypien(notes), who played parts of six seasons as a forward with the Vancouver Canucks6 years 17 weeks ago
JohnHehe... It's been 5 years. I am still here. Have a nice day.6 years 18 weeks ago
EricOzignore that ,sorry, my rubbish computer has now updated!!! was beggining to think you had disappeared :)6 years 18 weeks ago
EricOzHey John, where you gone ,bud ?6 years 18 weeks ago
JohnThank you Troy. I will list Hideki ASAP (I'm at work)6 years 20 weeks ago
TroyFormer New York Yankees pitcher Hideki Irabu was found dead of an apparent suicide in his suburban Los Angeles home on Wednesday6 years 20 weeks ago
JohnThank you, thank you - I am back. I was away from home for 9 days.6 years 20 weeks ago
Eric OzEric Oz , sorry6 years 21 weeks ago
Your Name/NiEricOzckSinger Amy Winehouse found dead in her London house , news just breaking here in UK no more details yet 6 years 21 weeks ago
Troy Character actor Roberts Blossom, who played the white-bearded neighbor "old man Marley" in the movie "Home Alone," has died at 6 years 22 weeks ago
Shawnhey Sherwood Schwartz passed away this morning..6 years 22 weeks ago
ShawnHey John, Anna Massey passed away on July 3rd just thought id let you know6 years 23 weeks ago
JohnYou know I love Columbo.6 years 25 weeks ago
JohnOh no... mm6 years 25 weeks ago
RussHi John - This one really hurts. Peter Falk is gone. No more Lt Columbo.6 years 25 weeks ago
JohnRyan Dunn was not a blockbuster star. But he seem to have a lot of fan.6 years 25 weeks ago
Guest6 years 25 weeks ago
EricOzRyan Dunn you made the planet shreik with laughter, farewell brother,heavens gonna be a blast from now on ! RIP6 years 25 weeks ago
Johndefinitely. Love that guy.. coming up6 years 26 weeks ago
sam downeyjust read clarence clemmons has passed from a stroke. all sax players should remember this legend.6 years 26 weeks ago
JohnGood time, dude, good time...6 years 26 weeks ago
EricOzOh man , AndrewGold, thanks for memorys of being a kid your music conjures up, RIP man6 years 26 weeks ago
JohnThank you Shawn, Laura Ziskin is added.6 years 26 weeks ago
ShawnHey Laura Ziskin passed away on Sunday Night due to Cancer thought Id let you know6 years 26 weeks ago
JohnShe seems trivial. Perhaps she's well known in UK. An Elvis impersonator died in US. He didn't make our list also. :(6 years 28 weeks ago
John (not verified)She seems trivial. Perhaps she's well known in UK. An Elvis impersonator died in US. He didn't make our list also. :(6 years 28 weeks ago
John (not verified)She seems trivial. Perhaps she's well known in UK. An Elvis impersonator died in US. He didn't make the list. :(6 years 28 weeks ago
John (not verified)She seems trivial. Perhaps she's well known in UK. A popular Elvis impersonator passed in the US as well. He didn't make the list. :(6 years 28 weeks ago