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johnThank you itsruss - caught up with Martin Milner & Melody Patterson1 year 20 weeks ago
johnThank you itsruss - I am trying to catch up... :(1 year 22 weeks ago
itsrussHi John - Suggest you add Martin Milner (Adam-12, Route 66) and Melody Patterson (F-Troop) to the list1 year 25 weeks ago
johnOMG, itsruss. Long time.... I need to get on top of my website. Sorry...1 year 33 weeks ago
itsrussHi John - I see a typo in the date you submitted the Lynn Anderson news. also - RIP Yvonne Craig aka Batgirl - Age 781 year 36 weeks ago
johnThank you itsruss. Long time.. :) God bless you.2 years 34 weeks ago
itsrussHi John - Joan Rivers may be in Critical Condition2 years 35 weeks ago
johnHi, I am back, baby! I am doing good now. Thank you.3 years 7 weeks ago
itsrussHi John - Did you "retire" from updating this webpage??3 years 9 weeks ago
johnThank you itsruss coming up - sorry about the delay4 years 7 weeks ago
itsrussHi John - Heard Van Clyburn passed. Famous Concert Pianist.4 years 8 weeks ago
johnThank you Robo042, trying to catch up... :(4 years 19 weeks ago
robo042Ravi Shankar, 7 April 1920 – 11 December 2012. Rest in peace.4 years 19 weeks ago
johnThank you Kent, trying to catch up... x_x4 years 28 weeks ago
kentTV host Gary Collins and 'We Were Soldiers' war veteran inspiration Basil Plumley died this week.4 years 28 weeks ago
johnThank you Brin, Thank you Kent. - A Karras coming up4 years 28 weeks ago
kentAlex Karras from 'Webster" died yesterday.4 years 28 weeks ago
johnOh, thank you. I listed Blinky. I'll be back to add video.4 years 33 weeks ago
AnnaalarconWhat about blinky the clown4 years 33 weeks ago
johnI feel ashamed for not knowing Gore Vidal's great work while he was alive.4 years 38 weeks ago
johnThank you Kent. :)4 years 38 weeks ago
kentAuthor Gore Vidal just died4 years 38 weeks ago
johnAh~ Tough one. I have never heard of Sedlk.4 years 40 weeks ago
kentCelebrity chef and TV host Anthony Sedlak died yesterday at age 29.4 years 41 weeks ago
johnThank you Brin~!!!4 years 42 weeks ago
johnI'm OK, it's just I am very busy and tired. I am not going away.4 years 45 weeks ago
johnThank you. Coming up... I couldn't find time last week or two.4 years 45 weeks ago
itsrussHi John - Frank Cady died last week. Mr Drucker from Green Acres.4 years 45 weeks ago
johnHello lustylaura. Have a nice day. I will do my best to keep you informed.4 years 46 weeks ago
lustylaurahi everyone im new4 years 46 weeks ago
johnThank you itsruss. Shocking...4 years 49 weeks ago
itsrussHi John - Donna Summer, Queen of 1970's Disco - has passed.4 years 49 weeks ago
FirekrackerThomas Kincade has died at 54 years old. Yahoo article said of natural causes5 years 3 weeks ago
isabel20How come you don' know about Peter Breck,he played on the bid valley5 years 3 weeks ago
lkb1aWanted to advise you that Jill Kinmont, Olympic-hopeful skier and subject of "The Other Side of the Mountain" films of the '70s passed away on the 9th. She lived to the ripe old age of 75 despite being a quadripelegic after a ski accident. Thanks5 years 10 weeks ago
johnHello Austin!5 years 11 weeks ago
AustinShout 2 y'll5 years 11 weeks ago
itsrussI would file it under sports. He was a BIG name in the boxing world...Suggest you file him wherever you filed Joe Frazier.5 years 12 weeks ago
johnRight, I heard about Dundee. I wasn't sure where to categorize.. thank you5 years 12 weeks ago
itsrussHi John - Just heard that Angelo Dundee died. He was M. Ali's boxing manager/trainer.5 years 12 weeks ago
johnNice talking 2 u. Not likely. Anything is possible. But her death will be a BIG news.5 years 14 weeks ago
GoldenhorseI just read a blog that claimed Linda Evans had died last week. Is this true?5 years 14 weeks ago
johnOh boy... Thank you, itsruss5 years 15 weeks ago
itsrussHi John - Tony Iommi, Guitarist from rock band Black Sabbath, has cancer.5 years 15 weeks ago
johnEric, check your email. Let me know5 years 17 weeks ago
Eric Ozjohn, having real problemslogging in have to reset pswrd everytime to get it in when i go back wont recognize me ,help Eric5 years 17 weeks ago
johnThank you Eric - Happy new year. :)5 years 17 weeks ago
Eric Ozhey john a Merry Christmas to you too5 years 18 weeks ago
johnThank you itsruss - I hope good things will happen to you. We shall greet each other next year again. :)5 years 18 weeks ago
itsrussHi John - Well, as 2011 closes, we lost a lot of good folks yet again. Wishing you the very best in 2012.5 years 18 weeks ago