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Peter Falk, actor, Lieutenant Columbo, Dies 83

Peter Michael Falk (September 16, 1927 – June 23, 2011) was an American actor, best known for his role as Lieutenant Columbo in the television series Columbo. He appeared in numerous films and television guest roles, and has been nominated for an Academy Award twice (for 1960's Murder, Inc. and 1961's Pocketful of Miracles), and won the Emmy Award on five occasions (four for Columbo) and the Golden Globe award once.

In 1968 he starred with Gene Barry in a ninety-minute TV pilot about a highly-skilled, laid-back detective. Columbo eventually became part of an anthology series entitled, The NBC Mystery Movie, along with McCloud and McMillan And Wife.

Peter Falk Cause of Death
Peter Falk died at his Beverly Hills home on June 23, 2011. According to his daughter, Catherine Falk, the actor had been suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Cause of death is not known.

 Columbo Fantastic Interrogation Example
Lower quality video, but this is also my favorite scene.

amazing all time actor. i

amazing all time actor. i love his movies. R.i.p peter falk

Rest in Peace Peter :(

Rest in Peace Peter :(

Re: Peter Falk, actor, Lieutenant Columbo, Dies 83

First, my condolences to the family and all his admirers. I really enjoyed his acting, especially as Columbo. I wonder whether he took care of his estate. Luckily for us, our grandfather had the foresight and knowledge of a new kind of service for estate planning where he stored copies of all the important documents he had such as his will, his life insurance, copies of his passwords for his bank accounts (including the one overseas), the name and phone number of his lawyer, and the combination of his safe. All this was stored securely with E-Z-Safe, and was transfered to our family automatically when he passed away.

Re: Peter Falk, actor, Lieutenant Columbo, Dies 83

Columbo is my favorite show of all time. I own every single episode of classic Columbo. I am not a big fan of new episodes, but the new ones are OK. I still watch Columbo every Saturday night. Watching Columbo on Saturday nights is my 15+ years old ritual. I know every episode and every line by heart. When I work on my personal project, I play Columbo as background. The sound relaxes me. Young Jamie Lee Curtis was in Columbo episode, so was Samantha from Sex In The City. Of course, they had amazing guest stars. Good time. Good memory. Peter Falk will be missed. God bless his family.

Re: Peter Falk, actor, Lieutenant Columbo, Dies 83

he was an amazing actor

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