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'Dirty Dancing' and 'Ghost' Star Patrick Swayze Dies 57


Patrick SwayzePatrick Wayne Swayze (August 18, 1952 - September 14, 2009) was an American actor, dancer and singer-songwriter. He was best-known for his roles as romantic leading men in the films Dirty Dancing and Ghost and as Orry Main in the North and South television miniseries. He was listed by People magazine as its "Sexiest Man Alive" in 1991.

Health and death of Patrick Swayze
Swayze was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in late January 2008, and underwent chemotherapy and other treatments at the Stanford University Medical Center. On March 5, 2008, a Reuters article reported that Swayze "has a very limited amount of disease, and he appears to be responding well to treatment thus far". Swayze's doctor confirmed that the actor was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but insisted he was not as close to death as reports suggest. Specifically, Swayze was diagnosed with a type of pancreatic tumor called Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasm (IPMN).

Swayze acknowledged that his chain smoking probably "had something to do with" the development of his disease. Research has shown a link between cigarette smoking and the development of cancer of the pancreas. Swayze died on September 14, 2009, at age 57.

Patrick Swayze - She's Like the Wind

Re: 'Dirty Dancing' and 'Ghost' Star Patrick Swayze Dies 57

Omg patrick swayze was the best actor in the world!! Ive been watching his movies since i was 3 years old!(now im 16 years old) Iknow all his movies by heart! Because of him i taught myself how to dance! My dream was to actually dance with him one time in my life, i even had a dream how dancing with him. The day i found out he died, i couldnt watch his movies for like 3 months without crying! Patrick, I miss you sooo much, atleast ur not in pain anymore! RIP Patrick Wayne Swayze! I Love & Miss You Dearly!

Re: 'Dirty Dancing' and 'Ghost' Star Patrick Swayze Dies 57

Patrick Swayze had a beautiful soul. You could tell by looking at him that he was an angel. He seemed to be so happy in life and its such a shame his time came before he was ready. What a fighter he was against his cancer and what a blessing we all had for having him entertain us all these years. Rest in Peace Patrick, You will be missed greatly! Sky Avery

Re: 'Dirty Dancing' and 'Ghost' Star Patrick Swayze Dies 57


Re: 'Dirty Dancing' and 'Ghost' Star Patrick Swayze Dies 57

I watched him in NORTH AND SOUTH.That was some acting and since then i have not got over him.But I know he is better off with the angels.

Re: 'Dirty Dancing' and 'Ghost' Star Patrick Swayze Dies 57

god bless his wife and family it will be greatly missed he was a good person and a good actor my favorite movies were ghost and dirty dancing. he was a funny and outgoing person. he will be very much missed he with the angels now no more suffering. god takin good care of him.

Re: 'Dirty Dancing' and 'Ghost' Star Patrick Swayze Dies 57

We will miss u, but beter to walk to angels place to get rid of illness,, feel for all u+rsfamily and inner circle and all of admires

Re: 'Dirty Dancing' and 'Ghost' Star Patrick Swayze Dies 57

Patrick Swazye was one of the most likable celebrities in Hollywood. We love him in all the cheesy movies. I watch 'Road House' a few times a year. I have the DVD. I also have 'Dirty Dancing'. He was funny on Saturday Night Live. I have a VHS copy of Patrick Swayze in "Hans and Frans" skit. I also have a spoof he did on 'Ghost' with Victoria Jackson. I didn't like the Chippendale skit - I don't know why media always show that skit and not the other ones. Anyway.. We knew his time was coming close... but, still.. it's very sad that he's gone. God bless. Thank you for the good time. Good memories. ============ * A lot of Hollywood legends passed. But, Patrick Swayze was our "Dude". He was so close to us. He was our buddy...

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