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Guest comment on John Walker's death:

I grew up with this incredible talent singing on the radio in the 60's. I graduated high school in '67 and this is one of the groups, and particularly him, that gave us the music that is still played today. I'm an older dad with 14 and 15 year old kids. When I saw news of his passing yesterday, I played "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore" for them before they got on the school bus. They sat in awe of his voice and I said, 'now that's music". (They both agreed.) This type of news hurts my heart because of what his music meant to me. I mourn his passing and hope time helps his loved ones' hearts heal.
Rick Columbia
Pensacola, Florida


Guest comment on Mel McDaniel's death:

I learned the 10-step to "Lousiana Saturday Night", I learned the 19-step to "Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On" at Silver Dollar Saloon in Las Vegas, Nv. and "Stand Up" was one of my all time favorites. My prayers go out to your family for their loss, and my congradulations go out to u for being called home by the Father.


Guest comment on Chris Benoit's death:

"I am not a wrestler but have known a few over the years Chris (Benoit) was my helper on a furniture delivery truck when he was 16 and training to be a wrestler He was a good kid I hate what he did to himself and family but I feel he should be in the Hall of Fame Because he was a legend in the wrestling world"