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Brittany Murphy's husband found dead in the same room Brittany died

* Coroner declared that he died from acute pneumonia and severe anemia which is what killed Brittany Murphy.

Simon Monjack, Brittany Murphy's husband, was found dead in the same house (same room) where Brittaney Murphy died.

Brittany Murphy's mother found Simon Monjack's body.  She was the one who called 911 when Brittany Murphy was dying.

Simon Mark Monjack (August 5, 1970 – May 23, 2010) was an English writer, director, and producer.  He was the widower of American actress Brittany Murphy.

According to the Los Angeles County coroner's office. Monjack, 39, was pronounced dead after the Los Angeles Fire Department was called there for a medical emergency, according to police. His cause of death was not immediately known. Law enforcement sources say Brittany's mother, Sharon, found Monjack unconscious in the master bedroom around 9:20PM, and then called 911. A short death investigation ended when police announced that suicide and foul play were ruled out. Prescription pill bottles were found in the home and seems Simon Monjack's death was accidental.

In January 2010, Monjack's mother, Linda Monjack, told People that her son was "unwell, and the doctors are carrying out tests. On whether he has a heart problem it is not really for me to say, you must ask him, but yes, there have been health problems in the past. I believe it's common knowledge, and it’s been in the press that he had a slight heart attack a week from Brittany's death coming back from Puerto Rico."

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