Newsweek to become "Newsweek Daily Beast"

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Newsweek magazine and The Daily Beast, have merged to become the Newsweek Daily Beast company.

Newsweek magazine was founded in 1933, and was purchased by the Washington Post(WPO_) in 1961

In its 2009 annual report, the Washington Post reported the struggling financial state of the magazine.

Jane Fonda: Cancer Free After Surgery

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Oscar winning actress and fitness fanatic Jane Fonda has revealed she recently underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumour from her breast.

The 72-year-old Barbarella star had a routine mammogram a few weeks ago, which found a small tumour on her breast.

Fonda swiftly underwent surgery. As the cancer was caught at an early stage it was non invasive and the star will not need any further treatment.

Gene Shalit leaving The Today Show after 40 years

Shalit announced that he would leave the Today Show after 40 years, effective November 11, 2010. Of his decision, he was quoted as saying: "It's enough already".

Gene Shalit (born March 25, 1925; New York City, 85 years old) is a film and book critic. He has filled these roles on NBC's The Today Show since January 15, 1973. He is known for his frequent use of puns, his oversized handlebar moustache, and for wearing colorful bowties.

He is known to have had a rocky relationship with former Today Show co-host Bryant Gumbel. He has been involved in reviewing the arts since 1967 and has written for such publications as Look magazine, Ladies' Home Journal (for 12 years), Cosmopolitan, TV Guide, Seventeen, Glamour, McCall's, and The New York Times. From 1970–1982 he had a daily essay on NBC Radio "Man About Anything", that was carried on more stations than any other NBC network radio feature. In 1987, he published Laughing Matters—A Treasury of American Humor, a critically praised humor anthology. As of 2009, he lives in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, with his cat Fellini. Shalit's children include the artist and entrepreneur Willa Shalit, and he is the godfather of radio producer/personality Gary Dell'Abate.

Funny People Movie Review (Gene Shalit) The Today Show.

Gerry Rafferty, Singer 'Baker Street', Hospitalized In Critical Condition

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Gerry Rafferty was admitted to a hospital in Bournemouth, Dorset, suffering from liver failure. His family were told that there was little chance of his survival, although after he was taken off life support, his condition began to improve. He remains in a critical condition.

Gerry Rafferty (born Gerald Rafferty, 16 April 1947, in Paisley) is a Scottish singer and songwriter.

 Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street

Brittany Murphy's mother writing a book about the actress

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Less than a year after the death of Brittany Murphy, the actress' mother, Sharon Murphy, is penning a tell-all book about her famous daughter.

"This book will be my way of celebrating and honoring her extraordinary life and career,"


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Crist willing to consider Jim Morrison pardon before leaving office

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In his last two months in office, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist is considering a December surprise: a posthumous pardon for Jim Morrison, lead singer of The Doors, for indecent exposure charges after an infamous 1969 Miami concert.

David Cassidy, 70's Teen Idol, Arrested for Drunk Driving

On November 3, 2010, Cassidy was arrested for driving under the influence after a Florida Highway Patrol trooper spotted his white 2008 Mercedes weaving on Florida's Turnpike in St. Lucie County. Breath tests about 8:30 p.m. measured Cassidy's blood alcohol content at 0.139 and 0.141 — greater than the state's 0.08 legal limit. Troopers also found a half-empty bottle of bourbon in his vehicle

David Bruce Cassidy (born April 12, 1950) is an American actor, singer, songwriter and guitarist. He is best known for his role as the character of Keith Partridge in the 1970s musical/sitcom The Partridge Family. He was one of pop culture's most celebrated teen idols, enjoying a successful pop career in the 1970s, and still performs today.

 David Cassidy I Think i Love You - Intro by Leif Garret

Arrest warrant sought for former TV host Gary Collins

On November 2, 2010, an affidavit was signed against Collins for leaving the scene of a wreck in Jackson, Mississippi. Cheryl Hayes informed police that a white Jeep plowed into the rear of her vehicle while she was stopped at a traffic light. Witnesses gave the license plate number of the Jeep and a description of the driver to police in which police were able to determine the vehicle belonged to Collins and he was the driver.

Gary Ennis Collins (born April 30, 1938) is an American film and television actor.

He starred in the 1972 television series The Sixth Sense as parapsychologist Dr. Michael Rhodes and in the 1974 series Born Free as wildlife conservationist George Adamson. He co-starred, with Jack Warden and Mark Slade, in the 1965 series The Wackiest Ship in the Army.

Collins has guest-starred on dozens of television shows since the 1960's, including Perry Mason, The Virginian, Hawaii Five-O, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Love Boat, Charlie's Angels, Friends, and JAG.

He had roles in the 1969 Andy Griffith film, Angel in My Pocket and the 1970 film Airport.

Collins hosted the television talk show Hour Magazine from 1980 to 1988, and co-hosted The Home Show from 1989 to 1994. He was the host of the Miss America Pageant from 1985 to 1989.

Collins was nominated for an Emmy Award six times and won in 1983 for Outstanding Talk Show Host. He received a star on the Hollywod Walk of Fame.

Personal life
Collins has been married to Miss America, Mary Ann Mobley, since 1967 and their daughter, Mary Clancy Collins, is Senior Vice President of Development for MGM Television. He was previously married to Susan Peterson with whom he has two other children (Guy William Collins and Melissa "Mimi" Collins).

 Joan Crawford on The Sixth Sense - With Gary Collins

Joe Jackson (Michael Jackson's Father)

Joe Jackson Loses Bid for Control of Michael Jackson’s Estate

A judge ruled that Michael Jackson's estate will not transfer over to Joe Jackson.  Joe Jackson's been fighting to gain control over Michael Jackson's estate.


Joe Jackson Sues Dr. Conrad Murray For $500M

Joe Jackson is suing Dr. Conrad Murray for the wrongful death of Michael Jackson, and to compensate him for the loss of MJ's support.  He's seeking half a billion Dollars.

Charlie Sheen Found Drunk and Naked in New York Hotel

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"I believe he was irrational and intoxicated," a police source tells PEOPLE, adding he was taken voluntarily to New York Columbia Presbyterian Hospital by ambulance.

Police were sent to The Plaza Hotel in midtown New York after a call from hotel security, according to the New York Post. The room was trashed when police responded, including damage to a chandelier and hotel furniture.

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The Top-Earning Dead Celebrities (forbes)

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1.Michael Jackson
2.Elvis Presley
3.J.R.R. Tolkien
4.Charles Schulz
5.John Lennon
6.Stieg Larsson
7.Dr. Seuss (Theodor Geisel)
8.Albert Einstein
9.George Steinbrenner
10.Richard Rodgers
11.(tie)Jimi Hendrix
11.(tie)Steve McQueen
13.Aaron Spelling

Sony to End Production of Walkman Tape Players

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Sony has announced it will retire the Walkman tape player in Japan, marking the end of one of the most successful consumer gadgets of all time.

Jean Claude Van Damme suffers heart attack day after birthday

On October 18th, 2010, a day after his 50th birthday, while filming for the movie "Weapon" in Romania, Jean Claude Van Damme suffered a minor heart attack. He is expected to make a full recovery Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg (born 18 October 1960), professionally known as Jean-Claude Van Damme, is a Belgian martial artist and actor, best known for his martial arts action movies. His most successful films include Bloodsport (1988), Kickboxer (1989), Double Impact (1991), Universal Soldier (1992), Hard Target (1993), Timecop (1994), and Street Fighter (1994). Due to his physique and his Belgian background, he is known as "The Muscles from Brussels."

Pregnant Celine Dion Hospitalized as Precaution

It was announced on October 18, 2010 that a singer Celine Dion (42) had checked into St. Mary's Medical Centre in West Palm Beach, Florida  "to prevent the early delivery of her babies which is the standard of care for any patient with twin pregnancy in this clinical setting."

In August 2009, Celine Dion's spokesperson announced that she was pregnant with her second child, further stating that she was due to give birth in May 2010. However, in November 2009, it was announced that her pregnancy had failed, but that she was still trying for another child via fertility treatments. After six In vitro fertilisation treatments and a miscarriage, it was announced by Dion's publicist on May 30, 2010 that she was pregnant with twins. She is due to give birth in November 2010.

Dion gave birth to a son, René-Charles Dion Angélil, on January 25, 2001 in Florida.

Toni Braxton Bankruptcy: Up To $50 Million In Debt

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Toni Braxton has filed for bankruptcy a second time, citing millions of dollars in debt and financial problems exacerbated by a heart condition that forced her to cancel a series of Las Vegas shows.

The filing will likely result in the six-time Grammy Award winner having to sell some of her assets to pay off debts listed in court records as ranging between $10 million and $50 million.

Toni Michelle Braxton (born October 7, 1967) is an American R&B singer-songwriter. Braxton has won six Grammy Awards in her career and has sold 40 million records worldwide.

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